September 2017 DVD Releases

This month brings us heaps of great new releases. Take a look at our highlights below.

Heartland Season 10

In store now is this popular show. If a plot revolving around a cozy setting like the ranch is your cup of tea, then you will love Heartland. This Canadian TV series is currently on its 10th season, and fans continue to love it.

A horse is pregnant with twins, and Amy and Ty have to collaborate since the pregnancy is deemed critical. Spartan exhibits some behavior which is a mystery that Amy eventually figures out. And Ty and Bob save the life of a bear that has been attacked by poachers.

Lives intertwine in this humble ranch, but our loving family work together to nurture abandoned and maltreated horses.


Big Bang Theory Season 10

The geek squad are back for the tenth season of Big Bang Theory! And it’s time for more scientific jokes.

Leonard and Penny finally tie the knot. The guidance system project have Leonard and Howard worried, but not Sheldon. But finally, Sheldon and team have to inform Col. Williams that their project will take two years, a proposal readily accepted. Meanwhile, can Bernadette ever love the child she is carrying? OB-GYN father-in-law informs her that she can still show affection for her own child despite not being generally into kids.


Pirates Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tale

Johnny Depp is back as the notoriously witty Captain Jack Sparrow and this time on the Gold Coast. Well sort of, a lot of this movie was shot on location on Queensland’s Gold Coast, how cool is that?

For years, no one believes Henry Turner’s tale about the power of the Trident of Poseidon, but it seems that it has to be sought as Captain Salazar and his ghastly minions wreck havoc in the seas.

Jack uses his compass in a tavern as a payment for a drink after his crew left him following a failed robbery, but leaving his compass behind only unleashes Salazar and his followers. In an attempt to find Jack Sparrow and end his life, the leader of the undead kills all pirates in every ship that sails at sea. Now, Jack, Henry, and Carina Smyth have to work together to find the Trident of Poseidon. Pirates Of The Caribbean DVDs are so much fun.


Rizzoli & Isles Season 7

Detective Jane Rizzoli and Dr. Maura Isles are back for this exciting 7th season of “Rizzoli and Isles.”

The manhunt for Alice Sands is on, and Jane has to find her before Alice destroys her first. It’s a game of hide-and-seek for both as more people are involved and lives are in danger. The shooting incident that injured Maura eventually led to some memory impairment, and despite initial denying it, she eventually makes an appointment.


Viceroy’s House

Period movies based on real events will always have a unique charm to it. Real events will always have a bittersweet feel to it. Such is the case for this charming movie “Viceroy’s House.”

Lord Mountbatten, India’s last Viceroy, has to oversee India’s transition to independence. However, with major changes comes greater conflicts, such as the separation into Muslim and Hindu countries. While Lord Mountbatten has his own set of problems in his living quarters upstairs, the servants’ quarters downstairs has a different story of its own.



Despicable Me 3

The banana/potato-looking creatures and Gru are back for this third installment of the Despicable Me franchise.

Balthazar Bratt turns to villainy after his show has been canceled. Revenge is in the works, that is. When Gru fails to capture him, he is fired from the AVL, and thus, is left jobless. Gru meets his brother Dru, who wants his brother to teach him to be a villain. Meanwhile, the Minions are arrested for making trouble in a talent show, and although they enjoy their prison life, they still escape due to their loyalty to Gru.

A plan for world domination utilizing a diamond-powered robot to destroy Hollywood is all it takes for Gru and Dru to work together.


Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot takes the lead in this epic 2017 movie “Wonder Woman.” You’ll love this movie.

Diana, a princess of the Amazons, is trained in combat, as well as learned in the Amazonian history. After rescuing Steve Trevor, an American pilot whose plane crashed in the coast of Themyscira, Diana learns from him that a war from outside is brewing. Believing that Ares is behind the great turmoil, she decides it’s time to fight.

Will Diana be able to uncover Ares behind the disguise? And will she find her invisible plane, ok, that’s just what I want to know but seriously how do you find your invisible plane after you park it? Fair question right? And when you put petrol in it why does it also become invisible, or maybe it runs on solar power. We ask the hard hitting questions here at DVDLand.


Walking Dead Season 7

This post-apocalyptic TV series is still making raves worldwide!

Rick Grimes and his fellow survivors must face a new challenge: obey Negan or face consequences. The group will have to deal with the demands of the new ruler and the Saviors while collaborating with like-mined groups and preparing to fight back. Rick’s leadership is put to the test, and the death of a beloved character have fans gravely enraged.

August 2017 DVD Releases

Here we are in August and we have some awesome new releases to share with you. In store this month includes:

The Blacklist Season 4
The Blacklist is a very intriguing crime thriller TV series indeed! Who would have thought that an elusive high-profile criminal most wanted by the FBI would want to cooperate with the police and would give information regarding worldwide hardcore criminals in exchange for legal immunity? And on top of that, he still calls the shots and chooses only a rookie profiler to work with! Well, he may have more than one motive for his own benefit as we’ve learned in the first 3 seasons.

In the fourth season, Alexander Kirk captures Liz and claims to be her father, even bringing her to her childhood home. But who really is Kirk, and why was he after Liz? Can Reddington find her? Will he be able to rescue her on time? Kirk and Reddington are in for more cat-and-mouse game.

Rizzoli and Isles Season 7

This exciting drama based on the novels by Tess Gerritsen is sure to be a big hit after the 6 earlier seasons. Days are numbered for the criminals with the tandem of police officer Jane Rizzoli and medical examiner Dr. Maura Isles.

The Boston Police Department are all out in their search for Alice Sands. And not only that, the police force have their hands busy with cases like a zombie convention murder, the murder of a postal worker, and the fall of a housewife from the stairs. Meanwhile, Dr. Isles is forced to make a decision for a head injury she incurred.

Love Child Season 4

If Aussie period pieces are your thing like A Place To Call Home DVDs, then you will enjoy Love Child. Set in the 1960s, Love Child tackles on the lives and issues of the Kings Cross Hospital and Stanton House staff. The issues affecting young unwed mothers in the 1960s, especially forced adoption, are still hounding the Aussie society to this day.

In the fourth season, Joan Millar goes into labor and has to deal with life as an unwed mother. Women’s rights are brought out into the streets during the International Women’s Day march. Meanwhile, Debbie founds out a shocking truth regarding the matron. What secret is the matron hiding?

Guardians Of The Galaxy Volume 2

Marvel movies are “MARVEL-ous!” (sorry about that) Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 is one of the hottest superhero movies in 2017!

Peter Quill meets Ego, the man who claims as his father. Family reunions happen, and unlikely alliances are formed. However, Ego hides behind a real agenda. With Ego’s sinister plan in place, how can the Guardians save the galaxy? And who is Quill’s real father?

John Wick: Chapter 2

Keanu Reeves is back on screen in John Wick: Chapter 2. Will this guy ever get old? This former assassin finds his life on the line after crossing paths with an Italian crime boss. With the Marker forcing him out of retirement, John is tasked to do the crime boss’ bidding, only to find a bounty to his head after the mission.

No killing on Continental premises, and one must honor Markers: two rules which should be honored in the underground. However, how can John Wick get out of this mess? Can he ever find redemption?

King Arthur: Legend of The Sword

King Arthur Legend of The Sword is one amazing epic fantasy movie this year every saw. Man must embrace the destiny assigned to him. That is what Arthur finds out the moment he pulls Excalibur from the stone.

A young Arthur grows up to be a man of the masses, a man of the streets. But by pulling Excalibur, Arthur learns of his true heritage and the future that he has to face. How will Arthur deal with the uncle who took his right to the throne away from him?

July 2017 DVD Releases

We have so many great new July 2017 DVD releases. Take a look at these highlights

Murdoch Mysteries Season 10
More mysteries are unfolding in the 10th season, and Detective William Murdoch continues solving these cases.

The series starts with the murders of debutantes who have their eyes on a certain affluent gentleman. A private investigator who is an acquaintance of Murdoch in his youth turns out she’s more involved in a case than she lets on. In a decade-old case, Murdoch believes the man he had sent in prison is still guilty despite new pieces of evidence, so he was left out of the case. And his wife Dr. Julia Odgen continues harbouring skeletons in her closet after the death of Eva Pearce.

Everyday is a busy day for William Murdoch who has to make use of forensic techniques which were considered modern in their day.

Poldark Season 3
Aidan Turner returns as Captain Ross Poldark in this amazing Poldark season 3 DVD.

Ross’ marriage with Demelza are threatened anew with the arrival of personalities. Ross refuses the role of magistrate despite being supported by Reverend Halse, and thus Warleggan gained authority.

Life in Cornwall is going to be disrupted anew with the coming of the French Revolution.


Big Little Lies Season 1
Big Little Lies is the newest dark comedy TV series, made dazzling with stellar casts Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, and Shailene Woodley. This is based on the novel by Liane Moriarty.

Madeline Martha Mckenzie and Celeste Wright befriend single mother Jane Chapman. Martha is your typical alpha woman, but she is coping with an ex-husband and having to deal with it. Celeste’s marriage might seem happy, but nothing is ever blissful with a violent husband. And why is Jane in town?

With the accusation that Jane’s son tried to strangle Renata’s daughter, Otter Bay Elementary School will have to see the ruckus between Team Madeline and Team Renata.

Grimm Season 5

Police procedural dramas are usually realistic. Grimm TV Series takes on the genre with a mythological twist.

Juliette is dead, and intruders kidnap Trubel. After a confrontation with the Wesen, Chavez gets killed. Meanwhile, Adalind goes into labor, and Nick later visits her in the hospital. A new case involving a Wesen killer results in a chase by Hank and his partner. Is it somehow related to some occult society? Nick and Hank also find themselves witnessing the tradition of Maagd Zoektocht.

What other odd incidents disguised as criminal cases will Nick encounter and solve?

Homeland Season 6

This show still remains one of the best shows on TV. A new President has been elected by the American people. Carrie Mathison is back in Brooklyn and is now associated with a foundation helping Muslims who are treated unjustly by domestic law enforcement in the United States. Saul Berenson and Dar Adal still work for the CIA, while somewhere, Quinn is recuperating from a major stroke.

The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action also gets weaved into the story line in this season.


Air Crash Investigation Season 15

This iconic documentary series takes on word from pilots, aviation experts, and crash investigators who let us into the dark side of the airline industry. What makes an airplane crash? What went wrong? What could have been done to avoid these emergencies?

Using voice recordings, witness accounts, and CGI reenactments, the investigative reports will provide us with the idea of how the accident came about.

Kong Skull Island

This is a modern take of the King Kong franchise, and follows a group of scientists and soldiers who explore a Pacific island and must get out of it alive after the encounter with the formidable Kong.

During the Second World War, an American soldier, Hank Marlow, and a Japanese soldier engage in a dogfight, only to be interrupted by Kong. Almost three decades later, the US government hires specialists to scout Skull Island to map the island out. While in the expedition, Kong attacks the crew. The survivors try to regroup to live on and meets the old Marlow, who welcomes them and tells them that Kong is worshiped by the natives as a deity.

How do the survivors get out alive?

State Of Origin 2017
The pinnacle of Rugby League and the NRL each year is the State Of Origin. State against state and mate and against mate. The NSW Blues won game one in Brisbane. The Queensland Moroons tracked to Sydney Olympic Park and scraped home to now take the series back to Brisbane for the series decider. This DVD pack includes all 3 games in it’s entirety. Every hit, every tackle, every try. Father’s Day gift anyone?

June 2017 DVD Releases

June 2017 DVD Releases
Check out these new June releases in store now. There are heaps of great stuff New To DVD here.

Beauty & The Beast

Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme. Be ready to be enchanted and fall in love as the classic animated film comes to life in the big screen! Emma Watson stars as the bibliophile village girl Belle, and Dan Stevens stars as the Beast, an indifferent prince turned into a monster, who must earn back his humanity by learning the meaning of true love.

Like its animated version, “Beauty and The Beast” is filled with heartwarming music. We can’t help but sing and feel the goosebumps on our arms. Ah, nostalgia! And who wouldn’t feel the sweet poignant pull in the heartstrings as Belle and the Beast shared a romantic dance?

Relive the tale with the familiar characters we grew up with. “Beauty and the Beast” is a must-see movie for the Disney fans who also are romantics at heart.


Bones Season 12

It’s been an exciting show, but it has to end. Nevertheless, the last season of Bones still brings out thrilling edge-of-your-seat episodes. Dr. Temperance “Bones” Brennan and Seeley Booth continue to take on the challenges of investigating murder cases using their expertise. We are sure that everyone will miss their tandem. And what other show but Bones is based on forensic archaeology and forensic anthropology? An in-depth handling of scientific knowledge weaved into good storytelling is a recipe for creating a good story with a solid plot.

What happens when Booth’s history haunts him? What will happen with Zack Addy’s sentence? And will Brennan continue to be the detached and evidence-based forensic expert that she was since the start of the series?

Vampire Diaries Season 8

Excited for the eighth season? You better not miss this last season of Vampire Diaries. Sink your teeth in this TV series as each episode will unfold the romance and drama of each character.

Who is after Damon and Enzo, and why? Will they be saved? How can Stefan stop Sybil?

Love will both blossom and be tested as danger lurks around. Vendetta will be planned against family members, and who is to say that loyalty stands firm just because blood is thicker than water? Alliances will be formed, but hidden agenda will be the driving force of each character’s action.

How will conflicts turn out in Mystic Falls? Who will be saved, who will stay, and who will say goodbye before the series ends?


Orange Is The New Black Season 4

Let the comedy and drama continue inside the federal prison in Orange Is The New Black Season 4. Prison is hell, and survival of the fittest is still the name of the game. With overcrowding being a problem, the management of the prison has to find ways without additional structure changes. Not only that, personal supplies for the prisoners had dwindled, and the ethnic minorities had been targeted by the guards.

The prison is a place where inmates could reform. But this is the same place where inmates form a society of their own and will probably continue to do what they did outside. You should not miss out on Orange Is The New Black Season 4.



When reading history books, sometimes, one can’t help but wonder what could have happen if the history turned out different from what actually happened. SS-GB, the 1978 alternate history novel by Len Deighton, is vividly re-imagined on screen. This gripping TV series  lets you inside an alternative history were the Nazis won the Second World War, and Britain had fallen on its knees. What if the Buckingham Palace is occupied by the Nazis and is not the grand palace we know it to be?

Scotland Yard detective Douglas Archer, who works under the SS, is tasked to investigate the murder of a man who had data regarding the production of an atomic bomb. What happens when he discover that this murder case is not an ordinary one? What happens when he discovers that the crime is political in nature?

You can’t help but get back to your history books to get a better grip and compare the reality and the alternate reality.

Grantchester Season 3

This is not your ordinary detective series. Who would have thought that a vicar moonlights as a sleuth? Follow Vicar Sidney Chambers and Geordie Keating as they form an unlikely alliance as they solve crimes in Grantchester.

And while these two fine fellows work day and night to solve the mystery cases, each have to deal with their own personal issues, mostly related to the matters of the heart. Will Sidney choose heart over duty? And will Geordie choose between his wife or his connection with his secretary?


Wolverine / Logan is synonymous to Hugh Jackman. For 17 years, he had filled the shoes of one of the most iconic X-Men heroes. However, Jackman took a bow and left the character behind.

It’s been decades, and the X-men is just a thing of the past. Logan, who himself had aged and poisoned with the adamantium in his body, cared for Professor X, who himself could no longer control his telepathic powers secondary to Alzheimer’s disease, and hid with him from the world. However, a stranger enlisted the help of Logan to smuggle a girl who has Logan’s DNA across the Mexican border. With sinister characters going after her, how will Logan fight them with the last of his abilities?

Also starring in this film is Patrick Stewart as Professor X.


Red Dog True Blue

This sequel to the Aussie family classic will sure melt your hearts. Who knows? You may want to go to an animal shelter to get a dog after seeing this film. After all, a dog is man’s best friend.

Eleven-year-old Mick thought his life in his grandfather’s cattle station in a remote area in Western Australia would be dull until he meets a one-of-a-kind dog that has become his companion in his adventures.

This movie features the new canine star, Phoenix, after the passing of the original star Koko back in 2012.




Martin Scorsese’s masterpiece follows the story of two Portuguese Jesuit priests who travelled to Japan to spread the Catholic faith and to locate their mentor. It is in the same country where they faced persecution and were forced to examine their faith: to commit apostasy, or to hold on to their belief. This movie is set during the Edo period, during the Tokugawa shogunate when there proliferated a number of Hidden Christians (Kakure Kirishitan).

This movie stars Andrew Garfield, Adam Driver, and Liam Neeson.

We have a lot more new releases on our website, this is just a taste so be sure to check them out on our website.

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Rizzoli And Isles Season 6

Police procedural dramas will never go out of style. Just when you thought you’ve seen all the cop TV shows out there, here comes “Rizzoli and Isles.” If you ever wonder why this show is so convincing, guess what? Tess Gerritsen, whose novels are the inspiration for the TV series, is actually a retired physician. And her novels are her own brand of Nancy Drew.

In solving mysterious crimes in Boston, all that’s needed is the expertise of detective Jane Rizzoli and medical examiner Dr. Maura Isles. Yes, they’re the perfect team.

So, what awaits these two feisty women in the sixth season? Well, they have to deal with the death of two married hippies, a case of poisoning after dismissing initial reports that the victim’s pet dog attacked her, a kidnapping case involving a fake crime scene, and an explosion in the minefield. Well, there’s so much that happens in Boston, but there’s nothing our best friends can’t do.


Arrow Season 5

Oliver Queen continues cleaning up Starling City in “Arrow Season 5.”

The original Arrow team falls out, and Oliver struggles through with his life as a mayor and as a solo crime fighter. A new villain comes in town, and Oliver has to recruit new people to assemble a new team. And through some series of flashbacks, we also get to see Oliver’s association with the Bratva.


The 100 Series 4

What does the future have in store for us? Will it seem bright, or will it be bleak? Who knows? But for some group of teens, the future is dark enough to need salvation. If you are a fan of post-apocalyptic sci-fi genre, then “The 100” series is for you.

After the nuclear apocalypse, the teens sent back to earth in the program called “The 100” will have to confront uncertainty just to verify whether or not Earth is already inhabitable. These teens have to band together and form a community.

In the fourth season, the Coalition gets a new leader, while Clark and company take on the task of finding ways on how to survive another nuclear cataclysm. Clans will have to fight each other to win the bunker that can house 1,200 people. And what is a Nightblood?


 Supergirl Season 2

 Kara Danvers embraces her super powers and become the renowned Supergirl. And in “Supergirl Season 2,” Kara meets and works along her cousin, Clark Kent aka Superman. Together, they use their super powers to protect National City from different threats, such as Project Cadmus’ Metallo. Meanwhile, in her ordinary life at CatCo, Kara finds herself under a new boss, Snapper Car, who doesn’t initially give her an assignment. After Kara proves her worth, Snapper begins working with her.

The Shack

This is a must-see psychological drama film based on the novel by William P. Young. Get ready to be moved to tears as the journey of healing and forgiveness unfolds on the big screen.

Utterly devastated by the supposed death of his youngest daughter, Mack Phillips falls into despair and doubts his faith. One winter, he finds a mail in the mailbox addressed to him, with the note asking him to go to the shack where his tribulations started. What was supposed to be a mission to locate his daughter’s killer turns out to be a spiritual experience that changes his life and his perspective, where he learns the value of forgiveness and moving on.


Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2

You can never go wrong with Marvel movies. This year marks the comeback of our favourite superheroes following the achievement of the first installment. “Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2” should make it to your list of movies that you have to watch for fun and adventure.

The cosmic adventures never stop with Peter Quill and gang around. Now, a figure and Celestial being claiming to be Quill’s father enters the scene. What was supposed to be a family reunion turns into battle as Quill finally knows his father’s real agenda.

 And who really is Quill’s real father?

Viceroy’s House

There’s beauty in historical dramas. You can feel the unique charms exuding in films based on real life. And this is what emanates from the film “Viceroy’s House.” This movie is about the last viceroy of India, Lord Louis Mountbatten.

British India is ready to move forward towards independence, and it is Lord Mountbatten’s task to make sure it happens. Despite the conflict arising between different sides and personalities amid this change, Lord Mountbatten is passionate enough for India and looks out for its future.

You may be someone who loves history but is diligent enough to do some research and not rely solely on history books. You may be someone with the perception of looking at the other side of the coin. If you think your History teacher had not taught you enough about the partition of India in 1947, then you may want to immerse in this film.

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