New TV On DVD Blockbusters

Who doesn’t love TV series? These are the weekly guilty pleasure that you shouldn’t miss out. Watch it alone or with friends on a weekend. Binge-watch the whole series, or catch up on episodes you had missed.

These are the blockbusters now available to own on DVD.

Underbelly Chopper

The Underbelly Chopper DVD is one of the most popular releases of the year. We know Chopper the legend but do we really know Mark Chopper Reed? This is a must own DVD if ever there was.






Death In Paradise Season 7

Even paradise sees murder. And if the island of Saint Marie could speak, it would tell Jack Mooney of what it knows. A myriad cases come up, and DI Mooney utilizes his sleuthing skills to put each case to rest. Despite the formulaic plot of each episode, each episode still offers thrilling cases that are sure to be mind-boggling even for viewers.

A supposedly suicide case of a billionaire’s fiancee might not be what it seems, gauging from the victim’s fingernail. A finalist gets poisoned during a poker tournament. And then, there’s the death of a popular novelist. Through all these cases, who did it and why? It’s up to DI Mooney to unravel the problem and find out the truth. Now’s the time to own Death In Paradise season 7 DVD.

Call The Midwife Season 7

Period TV dramas are just so lovely. Not only will you see the fashion back in the day, you’ll also get to witness how people lived their lives, their reactions to certain issues at that time, as well the historical events that shaped the person of each character in the series. “Call The Midwife” continues to gather raves and critical reception, thanks to the compelling storyline and superb acting of the cast.

Things aren’t easy for the Poplar residents, given the bad winter. Nurse Valerie encounters a stillborn, but she is confronted with an expected occurrence. A history of abuse is discovered by Sister Julienne. And the Nonnatus faces a great challenge due to the fierce cold weather.

Gotham Season 3

A Batman spin-off is definitely most welcome. And yes, we want to get to know more about James Gordon. Isn’t it great that we get to have Gotham TV series expanding the Gotham City universe?

Gordon tracks down Indian Hill escapees, his role now a bounty hunter. He is also tasked by Jervis Tetch to find his sister, an Indian Hill escapee. Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne encounters “Five,” his clone. A show of fighting skills ensues between the two, yet the doppelgänger later impersonates Bruce. Tetch soon goes on a killing spree. The question is, who will Gordon save?

Silent Witness Season 21

Another crime TV series is sure to perk up your day. This show is incredibly impressive since it has been on air since 1996, and it continues to rake in ratings. Let’s follow the professional lives of the forensic pathology team.

Nikki Alexander is haunted by what she experienced in Mexico, and she goes out to fellow pathologist Sally Vaughan for the latter’s support, only to find out that Sally goes missing and her house now a crime scene. Meanwhile, a case from 16 years ago is about to get unfolded after a corpse is found. Nikki begins to doubt David Cannon and begins to take blood sample.


February 2018 DVD Releases

Heaps of great titles are in store this February. Check out these new releases.

Chicago Fire Season 5

Now is store is the best season of this show yet. The brave firefighters and paramedics are back for the fifth season. They continue to shine as they risk their lives to do their duty and save countless lives. When duty calls, personal lives take a back seat.

Stella discovers the escape of her ex-boyfriend from the psychiatric hold, and he is hunting her and Severide. Dawson goes back to Ambulance 61. Everyone at the Truck thinks that Jimmy is still grieving and mentally not ready, and it is a case of him vs them. Mouch and Brett are in hot water as they are forced to choose between their job and the novel that they worked together. Fire breaks out at a warehouse, leaving victims inside, and 51 goes to respond to the emergency.

Ice Road Truckers Season 11

This is also now in store. An unexpected occurrence happens in the 11th season.

After the demise of Darrell Ward, Lisa Kelly and rival company Polar make an alliance, thus turning foes to allies. Darrell’s 21-year-old son Reno takes over the business, but has to gain experience in learning to drive in harsh winter conditions. The new team dedicates this season for Darrell. And they continue to face unusual challenges along the way.


The Genius DVD is now in store. Einstein has become synonymous with the word “genius.” This drama TV series takes on the life of one of the greatest scientists who had major contributions to the scientific world.

The series dwells on the personal life of the physicist, such as his undertaking in getting a teaching post and a doctorate degree, his love affair with Mileva Maric, as well as the struggle between going to America with his second wife or staying behind with his Jewish colleagues.

The second part of the series focuses on his scientific breakthroughs, and how he wanted the world to acknowledge them.


The Algiers Motel incident in 1967 is the inspiration for this movie.

What started as a celebration at an unlicensed club ended up as a raid by the police. The event resulted to the 12th Street Riot. When peace and order couldn’t be upheld, federal troops entered the city through the authorization of Governor George W. Romney. R&B group The Dramatics, who were just in the city to score a contract, were attacked by rioters during their escape, thus forcing them to split up, with two men lodging at the Algiers Motel. What started as a scare tactic from one of the occupants of the motel turned into hell where a series of torture and abuses took place.

One major incident indeed could change the lives of so many people.


The Wonder DVD stayed at number one in the Aussie box office for weeks. Young actor Jacob Tremblay stars as Auggie Pullman in this heartwarming film based on a novel by RJ Palacio. Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson also star in this movie.

Home-schooled Auggie has to attend a private school for his middle school year, but due to his facial deformities, he finds it hard to fit in since he is ostracized. He experiences bullying from students and parents alike, but he also forms friendship and allies from other people who have learned to appreciate him.

Bad Moms 2

This hilarious movie is now in store and stars Kristen Bell, Mila Kunis, and Kathryn Hahn, and focuses on the problems of overworked women who must deal with their visiting mothers during the Christmas season. But then, problems between each mother and daughter arise.

These are only a few a the great new releases now in store this month, so go and check them out.

November 2017 DVD Releases

November 2017 DVD Releases

With Christmas around the corner we have heaps of great new DVD releases now in store. Let’s have a look at all new November releases.


Gilmore Girls: Year In the Life

We know you were one of those who waited for each episode every week last decade. We loved the witty exchange and the fast dialogue between Lorelai and Rory. We anticipated Rory’s love stories, and the blooming romance between Lorelai and Luke. We loved some characters and not-so-much others, and yet, we felt emptiness when the show ended.

After a decade, Gilmore Girls is back as a 4-part mini-series! Our love for this show hasn’t subsided like Lorelai’s love for coffee. There are lots of changes from where we left off: the death of Richard Gilmore, Emily and Lorelai’s coping with loss, Rory’s struggle with her job as a freelance journalist, and the much-awaited marriage between Lorelai and Luke.

Cars 3

Disney Pixar is back to offering a surprise for lovers of the Cars animated films. Gear up as Lightning McQueen is back in track!

McQueen had been a Piston Cup title-holder for seven times already, but his post in the pedestal is threatened by a rookie that goes by the name of Jackson Storm. McQueen nearly destructs in a race, and what he fears the most is staring at him in the face: retirement. But while he can’t beat Storm with speed, he can beat him by another tactic. Cars 3 is now in store.


The Crown Season 1

Political figures are powerful people with colorful lives, but no matter how magnanimous the power they hold, their lives are not bed of roses for the most part. “The Crown” is a biographical drama series highlighting the life and reign of one of the famous royalties in contemporary times, Queen Elizabeth II.

Claire Foy brilliantly portrays the monarch in this first season, during the early years of her reign. Rivalries for power are everywhere, but a newlywed young woman had been given the crown to lead. The historical accuracy of this TV series garnered raves from critics, so this masterpiece is a must for every lover of historical shows.


Greys Anatomy Season 13

Who says hospital life is boring? This TV medical drama will prove naysayers otherwise. The surgical ward at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital has a lot of gossips to tell if only it could speak. Our surgical residents, attending physicians, and the rest of the medical staff face the tough competition in their chosen field, as well as personal lives out of their scrub suits and lab coats.



Once Upon A Time Season 6

As young kids, the phrase “Once upon a time” sent us to lands of stories and dreams during bedtime. How about we revisit those stories with a different twist? The heroes and heroines in the stories of our youth are back for the sixth season.

Morpheus assists Gold in entering Belle’s dream, but that he also revealed to them his real parentage. Cinderella is in a love triangle between her stepsister Clorinda and Prince Thomas. Gold protects Belle from Hyde, but why is Jekyll after her? And who is the Black Fairy to Rumpelstiltskin?


Westworld Season 1

Sci-fi meets western. That’s what “Westworld” is about from HBO. If you’re looking for another face of the sci-fi genre, you will find this intriguing.

So what’s worth watching about this series? “Westworld” is set in a Wild West-themed technological park where the elite members of society can spend money all the can and do whatever they want inside the park, which is mostly populated by the android hosts. The rich can indulge in every whim without consequences. Or so they think.



One can find love everywhere: in a coffee shop, in your vacation to Seoul, in a concert in Anaheim, or in the lovely countryside in London. This lovely romance-drama film takes place in Hampstead Heath between an American widow and a man who lives all his life in a hut. Emily Walters, the widow who has fallen in love with Donald Horner, must stand up for him when property developers threaten to take away the only place he has called home.

One can find love everywhere indeed. But the adage “Love conquers all” also speaks true in this movie.

3 Great Classic Aussie Shows

You can never go wrong with these Aussie classics. All action-packed police procedural dramas.

“Blue Heelers” is a TV series set in a small Victorian community. Just like urban areas, police forces must maintain peace and order. And not only that, we also get to see the mundane living of the friendly neighborhood policemen in Mount Thomas. Continue your guilty pleasure with  Blue Heelers Collection 4.

“Police Rescue” is another exciting drama TV series. If you have been around the release of this series, you’ll remember the astounding stunts done in the series (for the time). It’s all thanks to the guidance of the NSW Police Rescue Department, thus giving action scenes a realistic take. Police Rescue Box Set is a must have.

Another police procedural TV drama it is, and that’s “Water Rats.” This series gets inspiration from the Sydney Water Police. Heinous crimes lurk around Sydney Harbour, and the highly-trained police forces must do their duty to solve these crimes hounding the waterways and harbours. We’ve been waiting a long time for these 3 Aussie shows to be released to DVD so grab them while you can.

October 2017 DVD Releases

October 2017 DVD Releases

We have great stuff released this month. Check out some of them below

AFL 2017 Grand Final DVD

The best footy DVD of the year is here with the full and complete AFL Grand Final DVD now in store. What a big win it was for the Richmond Tigers with their fairy tale win over Adelaide. Own the game forever on DVD now or grab the Victory Pack also on our website.

Spider-Man: Homecoming

Tom Holland is back in his role as Spider-Man. If you have seen the trailer, you might be surprised to see Robert Downey Jr.’s appearance in the movie.

This amazing Marvel movie depicts Holland as the young Peter Parker who must manage his time between being an ordinary young man who, like every other young person out there, goes to school, and being a web-slinging superhero. What will he do when his best friend Ned discovers his alter-ego? And a character in the person of Tony Stark aka Iron Man acts as mentor to our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. With a dangerous villain out there, Peter Parker will realize that being a superhero is a great responsibility indeed.

Jon Watts directs this awesome flick.

Deadliest Catch Season 13

Documentaries are where some of the most exciting and thrilling events happen because nothing compares to real life. We shall follow our fishing folks as they dare the Bering Sea in the autumn season. Every fisherman and every captain knows every danger lurking in this kind of work, but that doesn’t stop each man to do the job: crab fishing.

And there is more drama waiting for viewers in the thirteenth season. One cast has a heart attack while on deck, and a rescue ensues. Even with the US Coast Guard on standby and with updated safety regulations, crab fishing still remains an unsafe business, with the documentary showing more brutal moments in board. Even hurricanes threaten each fleet. Who knows what other dangers these fishermen will come across while searching for crabs?

Versailles Season 2

One of the most beautiful evidence of French architecture is the Palace of Versailles, the brainchild of the monarch King Louis XIV. And it is this magnificent palace that is the inspiration for this TV series.

The court is transferred from Paris to the king’s father’s former hunting lodge, but what is supposed to be a glorious chateau is actually a prison where secrets of the royalty and the nobles are exposed. Hence the bright side and the dark side of this palace is revealed.

Andre Rieu Shall We Dance DVD

We all know someone who loves an Andre Rieu DVD. And now we have his latest DVD in store. And what’s even better is it comes with a bonus CD too. It’s a great Christmas gift idea for all Andre Fans.



September 2017 DVD Releases

This month brings us heaps of great new releases. Take a look at our highlights below.

Heartland Season 10

In store now is this popular show. If a plot revolving around a cozy setting like the ranch is your cup of tea, then you will love Heartland. This Canadian TV series is currently on its 10th season, and fans continue to love it.

A horse is pregnant with twins, and Amy and Ty have to collaborate since the pregnancy is deemed critical. Spartan exhibits some behavior which is a mystery that Amy eventually figures out. And Ty and Bob save the life of a bear that has been attacked by poachers.

Lives intertwine in this humble ranch, but our loving family work together to nurture abandoned and maltreated horses.


Big Bang Theory Season 10

The geek squad are back for the tenth season of Big Bang Theory! And it’s time for more scientific jokes.

Leonard and Penny finally tie the knot. The guidance system project have Leonard and Howard worried, but not Sheldon. But finally, Sheldon and team have to inform Col. Williams that their project will take two years, a proposal readily accepted. Meanwhile, can Bernadette ever love the child she is carrying? OB-GYN father-in-law informs her that she can still show affection for her own child despite not being generally into kids.


Pirates Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tale

Johnny Depp is back as the notoriously witty Captain Jack Sparrow and this time on the Gold Coast. Well sort of, a lot of this movie was shot on location on Queensland’s Gold Coast, how cool is that?

For years, no one believes Henry Turner’s tale about the power of the Trident of Poseidon, but it seems that it has to be sought as Captain Salazar and his ghastly minions wreck havoc in the seas.

Jack uses his compass in a tavern as a payment for a drink after his crew left him following a failed robbery, but leaving his compass behind only unleashes Salazar and his followers. In an attempt to find Jack Sparrow and end his life, the leader of the undead kills all pirates in every ship that sails at sea. Now, Jack, Henry, and Carina Smyth have to work together to find the Trident of Poseidon. Pirates Of The Caribbean DVDs are so much fun.


Rizzoli & Isles Season 7

Detective Jane Rizzoli and Dr. Maura Isles are back for this exciting 7th season of “Rizzoli and Isles.”

The manhunt for Alice Sands is on, and Jane has to find her before Alice destroys her first. It’s a game of hide-and-seek for both as more people are involved and lives are in danger. The shooting incident that injured Maura eventually led to some memory impairment, and despite initial denying it, she eventually makes an appointment.


Viceroy’s House

Period movies based on real events will always have a unique charm to it. Real events will always have a bittersweet feel to it. Such is the case for this charming movie “Viceroy’s House.”

Lord Mountbatten, India’s last Viceroy, has to oversee India’s transition to independence. However, with major changes comes greater conflicts, such as the separation into Muslim and Hindu countries. While Lord Mountbatten has his own set of problems in his living quarters upstairs, the servants’ quarters downstairs has a different story of its own.



Despicable Me 3

The banana/potato-looking creatures and Gru are back for this third installment of the Despicable Me franchise.

Balthazar Bratt turns to villainy after his show has been canceled. Revenge is in the works, that is. When Gru fails to capture him, he is fired from the AVL, and thus, is left jobless. Gru meets his brother Dru, who wants his brother to teach him to be a villain. Meanwhile, the Minions are arrested for making trouble in a talent show, and although they enjoy their prison life, they still escape due to their loyalty to Gru.

A plan for world domination utilizing a diamond-powered robot to destroy Hollywood is all it takes for Gru and Dru to work together.


Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot takes the lead in this epic 2017 movie “Wonder Woman.” You’ll love this movie.

Diana, a princess of the Amazons, is trained in combat, as well as learned in the Amazonian history. After rescuing Steve Trevor, an American pilot whose plane crashed in the coast of Themyscira, Diana learns from him that a war from outside is brewing. Believing that Ares is behind the great turmoil, she decides it’s time to fight.

Will Diana be able to uncover Ares behind the disguise? And will she find her invisible plane, ok, that’s just what I want to know but seriously how do you find your invisible plane after you park it? Fair question right? And when you put petrol in it why does it also become invisible, or maybe it runs on solar power. We ask the hard hitting questions here at DVDLand.


Walking Dead Season 7

This post-apocalyptic TV series is still making raves worldwide!

Rick Grimes and his fellow survivors must face a new challenge: obey Negan or face consequences. The group will have to deal with the demands of the new ruler and the Saviors while collaborating with like-mined groups and preparing to fight back. Rick’s leadership is put to the test, and the death of a beloved character have fans gravely enraged.