Biggest releases of 2020

What will be the biggest releases of 2020?
Here are the things you need to watch out for this new year

Mulan (2020)
Disney fans will be thrilled to watch the live action adaptation of the 1998 animated classic. Both are based on the beloved Chinese folklore “The Ballad of Mulan.”
In the days of old, the battlefield was solely a man’s world. However, a young maiden disguises herself and takes up her aging father’s place in the army. Not only does her heroic feat brings honour to the entire country, it also brings honour to her family. It’s such a valiant way to show filial piety.

Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Pictures bring you the most hilarious 3D fantasy comedy animated movie of the year. “Onward” will bring you on one heck of a ride in a purple van.
When the modern world depends mostly on logic, Science, and anything that makes use of the brain, is there still some room for belief in intangible stuff like magic? Our two brother heroes embark on a journey to bring back magic and their father, even for just a day.

Black Widow
Before “Avengers: Endgame,” Marvel fans had been voicing out that the installment will be reaching its end, and yet there is no standalone film for Natasha Romanoff. This is a dream come true for every Marvel fan, as “Black Widow” is set to take the screen in 2020. Scarlett Johansson returns as the eponymous character. The movie occurs between “Civil War” and “Infinity War.”
Natasha Romanoff is the epitome of a strong, independent woman. But for all those strengths, she will find herself coming face to face with people and events from her past without any assurance that help will come for her. This will be one of the best Marvel DVDs.

Outlander Season 5
The love story between Claire Randall and Jamie Fraser continues in this fifth season.
The last season saw Jamie and Claire live life together and owned a piece of land which they call Fraser’s Ridge. Brianna goes back in time for her parents, with Roger following her. What surprises will fill us on this current season? Will Brianna and Roger ultimately live happily, or will they get into another argument? Will Jamie and Claire continue living their lives peacefully in their property? There’s so much to catch up especially if you haven’t seen this current season on TV

Heartland Season 13
This is a Canadian show that Aussies love with all their hearts. And who would not love this show? The storyline and the ratings prove just how much this show is highly regarded. And now, it’s on its thirteenth season.
Amy and Ty have a problem in their business because of a discontented horse owner. Amy’s skills with horses is put to the test when she is made to tame wild horses. The family is not sure how to help Jack who is disturbed with memories of the past. And with problems faced by each character, each person makes it through because of the family. It’ll be one of the most popular of the year Heartland season 13 DVD.

The Outsider
Stephen King’s masterpiece comes alive in “The Outsider” TV series. When it’s Stephen King, expect the mystery and the chills.

Will one of these DVDs be the most popular or is there something else coming no one knows about. Stay tuned, we’ll let you know.

December 2019 releases in store now

It’s that time when we hustle about, getting gifts for our favourite people. Do you have some gifts in mind? If you haven’t yet, here are exciting titles that make good presents. And oh, giving yourself a gift is counted, so you can splurge for yourself and watch at the comfort of your own home.

Game Of Thrones Season 8

Winter is finally here, but that will also means that our favourite characters will have to say goodbye.

A great war is looming over Winterfell. Many of the main characters band together to fight against the Night King and his minions. The battle ends, but Westeros has yet to undergo further unrest as the battle for the Iron Throne continues to the end. Everyone loves a Game Of Thrones DVD.

Catherine The Great

Helen Mirren shines as she portrays the influential Russian empress Catherine The Great in this mini-series. The series is based on the empress’s last years of life from around 1764 to 1796.

Russia experiences expansion under the leadership of Catherine The Great, the longest-ruling female leader in the country. Politics is a thorny road filled with controveries, intrigues, and conflicts. However, the expansion through wars and diplomacy is also with the help of the military men and nobles, but most especially Grigory Potemkin (Jason Clarke) who is dedicated and loyal to the empress.

Downton Abbey 2019

For you avid fans of the historical TV series, we are very certain that you’re going to love the movie. This movie is a continuation of the storyline of the final season of the TV series. Did you miss the Crawley family? We’re sure you do because we do too.

The movie is set in 1927, a year and a half following the end of the sixth season. Downton Abbey receives a surprise with an announcement that King George V and Queen Mary will come for a visit. With the arrival of the members of the royal household, routines are throne away, and the resident servants are at a disadvantage. Preparations are taken for the arrival of the royalty, but not without defiance. Will things turn out grand just in time for the dinner with the King and Queen?

Danger Close: The Battle Of Long Tan

This Aussie masterpiece is highly recommended for viewers who love drama and war films. Another reason why this movie is a good suggestion: international fans will get to know a not-very-well-know story during the Vietnam War.

September 2019 DVD releases now in store

September 2019 DVD releases

Do you think this weekend might be boring? Or do you still have no idea what to give to your partner as birthday present? Take a look at these new DVDs.

Chicago Fire Season 7

Chill out and ignite the excitement with “Chicago Fire Season 7.”

Fire is a double-edged sword. As a benevolent force, it provides warmth at the beach bonfire and cooks our food. As a malevolent force, it causes fires which brings about casualties, both in lives and properties. And the paramedics and firefighters of Firehouse 51 answer to call of duty. Despite the many challenges each personnel faces, ranging from professional to personal, the team have forged connections and consider each other as family.

A little hint, you say? Because we’re nice, let’s give you a little peak of this season’s events: someone is replaced in Ambulance 61, and a series of explosions lead Firehouse 51 to the scene.

Chicago PD Season 6

Policemen put their lives on the line. It’s appreciation on our part when we understand and get to look deep into how police work is done in the field. But of course, police procedural dramas are always exciting, don’t you think?

The city is where everything goes, everyone does business. With some sinister acts in the background, such as heinous crimes, safety and security are issues. It’s great we have the Intelligence Unit, headed by Detective Sergeant Hank Voight and his team, to maintain peace and order.

We’re not giving away many details this time, but here are a few snippets for this season: an apartment fire leads to a missing Chicago Med patient.

Law and Order SVU Season 20

Modern society has scene worse crimes than ever before. So the specialty of the Special Victims Unit is definitely an answer to that. It’s headed by the courageous Lieutenant Olivia Benson, and peopled by passionate personnel like Assistant District Attorney Peter Stone, and NYPD Detectives Sonny Carisi, Odafin Tutuola, and Amanda Rollins. These people are modern-day superheroes who must enforce the law.

Here is what to expect for this season: Things get complicated for the investigators after a sexual assault victim refuses to name his attacker. There’s also that case of a father-and-daughter murder, while the son wanders around with stab wounds. And of course, each character faces challenges outside of the police unit.

Aladdin (2019)

Yes, it’s “a whole new world” in live action! If you had loved the animated version of “Aladdin,” we’re sure you’ll love this one too. We assure you, the storyline, the effects, the costumes—they’re all stunning! We’re calling it the best Disney DVD of the year.

We all know the Genie in the lamp grants three wishes, but he only grants it to the person who possess the lamp, the master. Shall he grant it for the kind-hearted Aladdin, or to the sinister Jafar?

This live action film features Mena Massoud as Alladin, Naomi Scott as Princess Jasmine, Marwan Kenzari as Jafar, and Will Smith as Genie.

John Wick 3

Keanu Reeves puts on his John Wick persona for the third time. If you like the first 2 movies, you’re gonna love this final movie of the trilogy.

August 2019 DVD Releases Now In Store

August 2019 DVD releases

Oh yes, we are in the middle of the year, but countless titles of exciting movies and TV series are still rushing in! Check out some of these titles which will be out this August! And don’t miss the new Poldark season 5 DVD.

Endeavour Season 6

If you had been a fan of “Inspector Morse” TV series, we are sure you were also thrilled to learn that a prequel was on the way. And that prequel is “Endeavour” TV series. Endeavour Morse, portrayed by English actor Shaun Evans, continues to surprise us in Endeavour Season 6.

The current season, set in the late 1960s, follows Endeavour Morse as a young detective constable. He is working alongside with his partner, DI Fred Thursday.

The death of a schoolgirl has Endeavour seeking the truth to prove the innocence of an accused teenager and investigating the girl’s murder.

A young astrophysicist and his girlfriend die in a car accident which smells of foul play, and Endeavour and Thursday finds out the truth behind the incident. It’s July 1969, and the world anticipates the historic Apollo 11 landing on the moon.

Muddy boot prints are just the clues that Endeavour and Thursday have following the murder of a librarian. Who is behind this and why?

Shetland Season 4

Who says crime drama series is boring? Definitely not us! “Shetland” is one of the most exhilarating crime drama series this generation has ever seen. And seriously, Shetland is one of the best British TV series. “Shetland Season 4” will keep you guessing from the first episode to the last.

Shetland is filled with friendly people and wonderful sceneries, and yet, there are also trouble hiding or brewing in this peaceful community.

A severed hand is washed ashore on the beach, and later, a bag with more body parts are discovered. DI Jimmy Perez thinks it has something to do with slave trafficking. Investigation later turns out that the dead man was from Nigeria. Perez and his team are on the lookout for the dead man’s sister. Why was the man in the island? Many people seem to be involved in the case, including the siblings’ guilt-stricken mother and a man from Glasgow.

Midsomer Murders Season 20

Our list of crime drama series still goes on with the addition of “Midsomer Murders Season 20.” No one can get enough of a Tom Barnaby classic.

A dead man is found in one of the vats of beer. DCI Barnaby and DS Jamie Winter put their hand on the case and find clues to catch the murderer. What caused a murder to occur inside the brewery?

Barnaby’s expertise is once again put to the test to solve the death of a former supermodel during a comic festival, a death at a local Rugby Club, and a case of a murderer who has an eye for brides.

John Wick 3

Keanu Reeves is back on the big screen as John Wick in this third installment. “John Wick 3” is worth all the adulation it gets.

The film starts one hour after the end of the second installment. John is on the run, an excommunicado. A bounty worth $14 million is on his head for transgressing a central rule when he killed a significant member of the High Table. John gets into adrenaline-packed action just to get to the Elder of the High Table, but other members of the international group of assassins are still on his trail. One guild but with different factions. Who is for Wick, and who is against him?


Another musical royalty gets his own film. This time, “Rocketman” chronicles the life of multi-awarded musician Elton John. The title of the film is a nod to John’s 1972 song

Game Of Thrones Final Season DVD

Game Of Thrones season 8

Game Of Thrones season 8 has started screening today to a massive worldwide audience. Yes, winter is finally here.

This is the final season of the most popular show of all time and this season simply doesn’t disappoint.

The Game Of Thrones DVDs are the most popular releases this country have ever seen.

Many fans had been heartbroken to read news that this epic TV series is coming to an end. However, this HBO series is sure to deliver memorable scenes to the last minute. This last season is said to feature some materials found in the upcoming novels of George R. R. Martin’s “A Song of Fire and Ice” series.

Fans are curious as to how the storyline will develop from the last season. The makers of the TV series are hush-hush when it comes to the details of the TV series, and they even utilise impressive technology just to ensure that no one leaks the script. Well, let’s just say Sophie Turner, who portrays Sansa Stark, told fans back in July 2018 that the new season is going to be “bloodier.” It doesn’t count as a spoiler, does it? It’s more like setting our expectations though. But wait, Maisie Williams also teased us with an Instagram post last July 7, 2018, saying “Goodbye Belfast. Goodbye Arya. Goodbye Game of Thrones.” Are the bloody shoes in the post insinuating that Sophie might be right after all?

The recent trailer already gives us some ominous vibe, but that keeps our enthusiasm high. And we’re all excited for what’s to come.

David Benioff, one of the series creators, said that delegating who should write which sequence in the last season was difficult since writing for this last season would be their last time. They’re really preparing for something epic, it seems. They’re really making each script and scene worthwhile to make sure each episode would be substantial. HBO chief Richard Plepler also mentioned that the final season is akin to watching six movies. We bet that the shots will be stunning and breathtaking. If each episode will have the caliber of a blockbuster film, then it will be worth the watch. As to how each episode will last, no one can tell. Game of Thrones fans can now own all 8 seasons forever on DVD and Blu Ray at DVDLand.