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February 2019 DVD Releases Now In Store

The excitement never ends! Myriad titles are available in our store. What movies and TV series are you looking forward to? Check out some of these titles which were released this month.

A Star Is Born

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper star in the remake of the 1937 and 1976 movies of the same name.

Cooper stars as Jack Maine, a famous country singer who is also struggling with drug addiction and alcoholism. Lady Gaga portrays Ally, a waitress and singer-songwriter waiting for her big break. When their paths meet, Ally eventually finds her dream coming true, while Jack’s career declines.

This is a stellar movie worthy of the accolades and the nominations it received. A Star is Born received five nominations including Best Motion Picture – Drama during the 76th Golden Globe Awards, and eight nominations, including Best Picture, at the 91st Academy Awards.

Bohemian Rhapsody

Queen. One of the epic rocks bands the world has every seen. The band had produced a string of hits like “We Are The Champions,” “We Will Rock You,” “Another One Bites the Dust,” and the six-minute epic “Bohemian Rhapsody.” We love the Bohemian Rhapsody DVD.

If you are a Queen fan, we are sure you have been enamoured with “Bohemian Rhapsody” movie. The movie itself is noteworthy: seventh highest-grossing film of 2018 and an impressive list of nominations. Freddie Mercury is portrayed by Rami Malek, who won Best Actor in a Drama in the 76th Golden Globe Awards.

If you had been intrigued, the movie gives you a glimpse of the one and only Freddie Mercury. Who was the person behind the name? What personal and professional struggles did he encounter on the climb to fame? The movie tells the beginnings of the band up to their performance at Live Aid in 1985.

Boy Erased

This drama movie, which is based on a memoir by Garrard Conley, conveys the story of a young boy who must attend a gay conversion therapy program after being outed by his parents. This is a story of a struggling young man who must choose between being true to himself and being compliant to societal norms.

This movie stars Nicole Kidman, Russel Crowe, and Lucas Hedges.

Dirty Dancing

This alluring movie starring Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey is re-released this month. Not only is this movie captivating, the soundtrack is ear-catching too!

This is a one of a kind Romeo-and-Juliet story which will make your feet move to the beat. Baby, who grows up in a well-off family, goes with her family to an upscale resort. Everyone expects her to live life like one of her peers in the affluent circle, and eventually marry a doctor. However, an encounter with the dance instructor Johnny changes her life when she fills in as Johnny’s dance partner. Despite their opposite life backgrounds, Johnny and Baby fall in love.

Killing Eve Series 1

Killing Eve is based on Luke Jenning’s Villanelle novellas. Sandra Oh, in her first lead role, stars as a low-level MI5 security employee who is stuck to working in a desk. She isn’t satisfied with her job, which prevented her from living her dream of being a spy. Villanelle is a brilliant psycopath assassin who is living in extravagance because of her job. Both women are obsessed with each other, and are often entangled.

December 2018 DVD Releases Now In Store

Christmas is here and the December 2018 DVD releases are now in store. Take a look at some of these great stocking stuffers.

Handmaid’s Tale Season 2
Our favourite dystopian TV series is back for the second season. More conflicts, more intrigues, more despair. Will there be hope?

Offred escapes punishment because of her pregnancy. And while she escapes, Fred authorizes an intensive search. Offred is caught and has to choose between imprisonment and execution, or continuing her duties as a handmaid. Under the oppressive rule in Gilead which leads to her misery, Offred makes a promise to escape with her child.

The Pacific: In The Wake Of Captain Cook
Captain James Cook’s nautical voyage led to the exploration of a new world. Not only was this man a daring seafarer, he was also a very detailed cartographer who was able to put into map the islands in the Pacific region. His end, however, was a brutal one.

Sam Niell takes us into the journey that Captain James Cook embarked centuries years ago. Niell also explores with viewers the cultures of the people in the islands Cook had visited, as well as shares his insights regarding this great navigator and explorer.

The Bridge Season 4
The fourth and final season of this Scandinavian crime TV series is as action-packed as the first three seasons.

Saga Noren is released from prison after a retrial. The murder of a director general leads Henrik Sabroe to investigate the case. Saga reckons that the murders are done through methods used to execute sentenced prisoners, and she deduces that four more will be killed. She also realizes that the murder cases are related to a gang member. On a personal note, Saga also seeks counseling with a therapist.

Christopher Robin
Ewan McGregor stars as the eponymous character in this exciting Disney movie that the whole family is sure to love and enjoy.

Christopher Robin is all grown up, and is now a family man. Upon adulthood, the expectations of life makes one lose his inner childhood. Gone were the exciting days in the Hundred Acre Wood with his charming stuffed animal buddies. A chance encounter (and reunion) with his best friend Winnie the Pooh awakens the child in him, gets him closer to his family, and even provides inspiration at work.

Ladies In Black
The Ladies In Black DVD is an Aussie comedy-drama film tells the story of Sydney department store workers in the summer of 1959. This film is based by Madeleine St. John’s 1993 novel “The Women in Black.” The coming-of-age movie is set during the time of the progressive movement and women’s liberation in Australia.

November 2018 DVD Releases

Christmas isn’t far away so November is traditionally the best month for new releases and this year does not disappoint. The Crown series 2 and Very English Scandal are out this month as is Incredibles 2 and Ant-Man & The Wasp. Just some of the highlights of November releases are below.

The Crown Series 2

This will be the last series where Claire Foy portrays Queen Elizabeth II before we get to the next season with another actress portraying the Queen.

The second season tackles mostly on the political activities occurring during the Queen’s reign, such as the retirement of Harold Macmillan, the Profumo affair scandal, the Suez Crisis, and the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Aside from politics, we can also see the Queen’s struggles both as a wife and as a mother.

A Very English Scandal

This TV series features the trial of a politician regarding the conspiracy to have a gay ex-lover murdered.

British Liberal Party leader Jeremy Thorpe has a secret, and he wants that secret to remain hidden. Norman Josiffe, Thorpe’s lover, soon becomes a threat after becoming unstable. Despite Thorpe trying his best to keep his ex-lover at bay, a failed murder attempt eventually leads to the trial that exposes Thorpe’s secret and ends his political career.

Star Trek: Discovery

This is a TV series that occurs a decade before the first Star Trek series. Let us follow the USS Discovery as they journey to different planets and meet different creatures.

A damaged satellite is discovered and investigated by the crew of the USS Shenzhou. The death of an intruding Klingon fuels the war between the Klingons and the Federation. Between the 24 Klingon houses and the United Federation of Planets, who will gain the upper hand?

Equalizer 2

Denzel Washington returns to the big screen in the sequel of the 2014 blockbuster.

Robert McCall works as a Lyft driver, but in the side, he is the harbinger of vengeance. However, he is entangled in a crime regarding the death of a friend, who is also looking into another crime. McCall soon surmises that the death of his friend could be connected to the other crime. The question is, who is behind it?

Ant-Man and the Wasp

This exciting Marvel DVD stars Paul Rudd as Ant-Man and Evangeline Lilly as the Wasp.

Scott Lang is back in the scene as he works with Hope van Dyne (aka Wasp) and Hank Pym to retrieve Janet van Dyne. Creating a stable version of a tunnel to the quantum realm to get Janet back proves to be a huge task, especially when enemies related to Hank’s past and a profiteering dealer are in the way. Despite being in house arrest, Ant-Man is still out there being a superhero.

Incredibles 2

Who doesn’t love a Disney DVD. Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Violet, and Dash save the world as a family, but the concern of the government regarding the Parrs’ latest escapade leaves them with no financial assistance. Soon, they face the reality regarding the “elephant in the room,” with Elastigirl taking over the job of the “breadwinner” and Bob Parr being a stay-at-home parent.

October 2018 DVD Releases Now In Store

October 2018 releases

All our October 2018 releases are now in store. Starting with one of the biggest releases of the year with Heartland series 11.

Heartland Season 11

This heartwarming TV series is for equestrians, animal lovers, and drama lovers alike. With Heartland now on its eleventh season, it means that the series is getting even better.

A baby is the new family member in Heartland. The information regarding the breed of a horse brings in an additional problem. Friends must learn from Amy how to connect with a horse, and Amy needs to organize everything so she can join Ty in a work-related travel. A high school reunion is coming up, and Lou plans to organize the event for deep-seated personal reasons. Now we can’t wait for the Heartland season 12 DVD.

Tea With The Dames

Great actresses come together to reminisce about long-time friendships and careers spanning decades. Let’s sit down together and enjoy this lovely documentary, “Tea With The Dames.”

In this exquisite and picturesque English countryside, actresses Eileen Atkins, Maggie Smith, Joan Plowright, and Judi Dench sit down and talk about their professional careers, and their lives’ struggles, failures, and victories. For once, they let the cameras get a look at them as themselves instead of the characters that they portray throughout the years. This astonishing documentary is directed by Roger Michell, whose masterpieces include “Notting Hill” and “My Cousin Rachel.”

The Son

This captivating TV series stars Pierce Brosnan as the Texan ranch baron and oil business magnate, Eli McCullough.

This series, which is based on Philipp Meyer’s 2013 novel, is about Eli McCullough’s life and the hurdles that he had to overcome to become that person of money and power. Interwoven in the series are episodes of Eli’s life as a young man. When one succumbs to his ambition, the rise to power is difficult, dirty, bloody, and nothing sort of innocent.

Unforgotten Season 3

Indeed, no matter what country, police procedural dramas will never go out of style. Fans all over the world have a lot of titles to choose from, and we are really sure a lot have “Unforgotten” in their list. You’ll love the third season of this British crime TV series.

Detectives Cassie Stuart and Sunny Khan are tasked to look at the case of a body found in a motorway. The body belonged to a female teen who was gone during the holidays in 1999. Throughout the season, these two detectives untangle the mystery that shrouded the case. Who is Hayley Reid, and who killed her?

The Durrells Season 3

Our beloved Corfu friends are back on the third season of “The Durrells.” This rustic island is the backdrop for this heartfelt series, based on the life of the real Durrells.

The family has a problem as to who among Leslie’s girlfriends should be welcomed into the household, as each family member plays favourites. Who does Leslie end up with? Aunt Hermione dies, and the family thinks that they should sacrifice a goat to let her soul rest in peace. A new family arrives in Corfu, and Louisa feels jealous as Spiros spends time with the newcomers. When a traveling circus comes to the island, someone in the family falls in love.

September 2018 DVD Releases Now In Store

These September 2018 new DVD releases are now in store and don’t miss Durrells season 3 DVD out next month.

The Walking Dead Season 8

Fans can’t get enough of this TV series. For those who had missed some episodes on TV, here is the exciting eighth season of “The Walking Dead,” now on DVD.

Negan and the Saviors are still a major threat. Rick and company must join forces with the other communities to bring the Saviors down. However, the fight is not easy at it seems, especially when there are conflicts from within the groups. Will they be able to take down Negan and his people? Who will remain at Rick’s side, or who will join him? And who will realize that his loyalty is with the enemy?

The Blacklist Season 5

Your week isn’t complete without a dose of “The Blacklist.” James Spader gives justice to his role as Red Reddington, and he deserves all the raves! Reddington is back for the fifth season of this incredible crime thriller drama series.

With his criminal empire in ruins, Reddington is back to rebuilding it. And this time, he’s making his empire with his daughter Elizabeth Keen with him. But of course, it needs revenue and a handsome list of some blacklisters he knows. Meanwhile, Liz is faced with a decision: to continue to work as a federal agent, or to work alongside her father.

Law And Order SVU Special Victims Unit  Season 19

Police procedural dramas will never go out of style. And Law And Order SVU Special Victims Unit testifies to that. Enjoy the 19th season of this TV series.

The Special Victims Unit is trailing a fugitive rapist in Cuba. The unit needs the testimony of a victim to arrest the perpetrator. The detectives in SUV are baffled and argue over the veracity of the claim of a woman who claims to have been raped. A case takes an unusual turn when three people who are suspected of castrating a man claim that they did it for revenge.

The Big Bang Theory Season 11

Who knew science could be this hilarious? If you think people making a living in theoretical physics, programming, or neuroscience are a bunch of boring folks, you really need to watch “The Big Bang Theory.” And oh, you’ll never realize you’ll catch up on the eleventh season because this series is incredibly funny (and not merely scientific).

Amy gets a proposal from Sheldon. Meanwhile, Bernadette and Howard aren’t happy to have a 2nd baby on the way. Sheldon and Howard are depressed regarding the success of their careers, while Amy and Bernadette end up arguing which field is better. Leonard’s mother praises him after and is impressed with Penny. Really?

Chicago Fire Season 6

Policemen are not the only heroes in our society. Firefighters and paramedics deserve the accolades too. Welcome to Firehouse 51, where all the drama of “Chicago Fire” happen. And welcome to the sixth season.

Despite the danger it might cause, Boden makes a last-minute judgment just to save his colleagues in a warehouse fire. Not only do the crew from Firehouse 51 survive, Casey is due for promotion. Boden’s wife, Donna, gets into a fire accident in school, but it turns out, the fire was intentional. Meanwhile, Dawson is trapped in a parking garage accident while running personal errands.

Hawaii Five-0 Season 8

Hawaii is not just a surfing haven. It’s also that setting where you can get gripping action and more police procedural drama. Remember Magnum PI? This Friday addiction can get you hooked on its eighth season.

A manhunt operation ensues after the escape of a convicted arsonist. McGarrett and Danny recruit a former police candidate, who is reluctant to work with them. Five-0 and a former MI6 investigate the murder of a man and the members of his crime family.
Meanwhile, someone sends a video recording of a murder from years ago, and it is up to members of Five-0 to discover the identity of the victim and the murderer. Book ’em Danno.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Isla Nublar is now the home of dinosaurs that fend for themselves after the Jurassic World was destroyed. An impending volcanic eruption has spurred a senate hearing in Washington D.C., where the fate of the dinosaurs are at stake. Will they be allowed to live, or should they be left alone to die?

Owen Grady and Claire Dearing go to the island to save the dinosaurs. However, it’s not only them who have their eyes on the giant reptiles. Some other people with vested interest have other plans.

Sicario: Day of The Soldado

Drug cartels are not merely trafficking drugs along the US-Mexico border; they are also transporting terrorists. And the United States government authorizes Matt Graver to stop them. Graver works with Alejandro Gillick once again to instigate war between two warring cartels. The mission is not easy as the CIA had intended it to be. Lives, loyalty, and duty are on the line.