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Acropolis Now - Complete Box Set

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Product Description

The Acropolis Now DVD box set is the complete collection of all 5 series of this classic Aussie comedy.

The Complete 5 series collection now available as a box set and includes:

  • 63 Episodes
  • 15 Disc set
  • Episode Synopses
  • Extras - Out-takes

Re-live the timeless comedy of the Acropolis Now gang with your favourite characters Jim, Memo, Ricky, Liz, Alfredo, Suzanna and of course the irrepressible Effie. “How embarrassment!”

When old Kostas returns to his Greek homeland, he leaves his son Jim in charge of his beloved cafe "Acropolis". But once his father is out of the way, Jim sets about yuppifying the cafe. You should see the Acropolis Now!

JIM STEPHANIDIS (played by Nick  Giannopoulos)

Effervescent.  A youthful, inexperienced Casanova who rarely gets to first base with women.  A dreamer, a schemer, and maestro of the car horn.  Jim is twenty-three and new owner (until his father gets back) of the Acropolis cafe.

Thanks to Jim’s efforts and imagination the Acropolis becomes the Acropolis Now.

He can be exasperating, at times he isn't the brightest of lights, but he's lovable, sincere, and he's easily forgiven.


Elvis Hatzidimitropoulos.  Elvis.  The King.  That's what Memo always wanted to be.  But wasn't.  Instead he's a waiter in what was once the old cafeneo Acropolis, and what is now the new Acropolis Now.  He doesn't approve of the changes.  He makes that abundantly clear.  Nor does he approve of Liz, the new waitress.  Men make good waiters, men have the skill and the expertise.  Women have a definite role to play - at home, and not in the working environment.  Suffice to say that Liz, who is somewhat of a feminist, doesn't agree.  A situation ripe for conflict, and Memo, who doesn't lack in biting sarcasm, is usually found in the forefront.

RICKY MARTINEZ (played by Simon Palomares)

Ricky, Ricky, Ricky...  that's the catch-phrase, when Jim wants his old friend to do something for him.  When Kostas left for Greece he left Jim in charge of the taverna, and his Spanish friend Rick in charge of the money.  So in a way Rick and Jim are business partners, which is a good thing because, where Jim is the dreamer, Rick is stability personified.  Very little ruffles his feathers, but Jim seems to manage it occasionally.

Rick is quiet-spoken, Jim is the extrovert.  Rick is articulate and well educated.  He is the whiz behind the figures and the brains of the operation, and above all he's the diplomat, and the smooth-talker, who can sort out the messes Jim has landed himself - and them all - in.

LIZ (Played by Tracey Callander)

Elizabeth Maloney comes from an upper middle-class, intellectual background.  Liz attends university.  She is a member of various university clubs and is one for causes.  Liz champions womens' rights in a still often male dominated world.  She's got her work cut out for her at the Acropolis Now!

Liz works as a waitress at the cafe.  Although she is a woman, out-spoken, and an 'Anglo', Liz fits in well with the rest of the team.

EFFIE STEPHANIDIS (Played by Mary Coustas)

Jim’s cousin Effie is the walking definition of irrepressible. With a gravity-defying head of teased hair and a unique dress sense, she has an opinion on everything.

Having attended College, (Hairdressing College), Effie concentrates on the important things in life…make-ups, hair mousse, her friend Sophie, Vibrations Disco and of course… Ricky

SKIP (Played by Simon Thorpe)

Skip is as Aussie as Vegemite.  So what's he doing working in a Greek bistro?  As chef to boot!

Skip learnt how to cook up bush.  Working as cook on the cane fields hardly meant Cordon Bleu, but since his new job with the Acropolis he's surprised and delighted his employers with his knowledge of the more 'traditional' cuisine.  Greek, or Italian - and when it comes to the crunch, Skip can conjure up a substantial meal at the drop of a hat

MANOLIS (Played by George Vidalis)

"Why did she leave me?"  The question is constantly on Manolis' lips.  The 'she' is his wife.  And the answer to his question is unfathomable... to Manolis!  One day he went to the TAB, he had a bet and he lost the house...  But he did it for her!  Why did she leave????

Note: All our DVDs are new Australian region 4 DVDs made for Australian DVD players.

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